Oct 15, 2014

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Keeping Your Catering Food Hot and Fresh

Keeping Your Catering Food Hot and Fresh

Hi guys, let me tell you about one of my first catering experiences on the job. I was fresh out of culinary school and managed to get myself hired as a chef in a catering business. It was just a small start up company that specialised in small scale parties such as birthdays and corporate events.

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Aug 14, 2014

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Serving Fruit Juices for Catering

Serving Fruit Juices for Catering

One of the things that my catering company invested in is an electric juice machine since many people are choosing to eat healthier and looking for good but healthy food to serve at their parties. Along with a healthy new menu, we decided to offer fresh fruit juices to our clients.

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Nov 19, 2014

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Show Off Your Dishes!

Knife of a ChefAs a chef, it always excites me to come up with new dishes and meals for our clients. My favourite part of it all is watching people eat my food and see whether or not they enjoyed it. While I have had a few complaints here and there, most people who try my food are generally quite happy with what I serve them.

Since my days in culinary school, I have always liked showing off my latest concoctions. In fact, I have a whole album on my Facebook account dedicated to all of the dishes that I am particularly proud of.

I make sure that I plate up my food beautifully, and take mouth watering, scrumptious looking pictures. My friends and family would often comment how delicious it looked and would immediately beg me to invite them for dinner, which I usually do. After all, I like making people happy.

Thankfully, working in catering gives me yet another opportunity to show off my dishes. Whenever we are serving food, I make sure to really arrange the food on the platters in an attractive way. Best of all, our refrigerated food display counters really display our food in the best manner possible.

Not only does it keep our cool dishes fresh, including our salads, vegetables, and cold soups, but the display counters are also lighted, so that it really brings out all of the colours. Similarly, our hot plate display counters do the same for our hot foods.

If you want to show off your food dishes and meals, here are some tips for you:

Chef in Action1. Cook everything perfectly – Undercooked or burnt food usually does not look very appetizing. Learn how to cook your food perfectly. This means knowing how to properly sear a fish cutlet, roasting a chicken to perfection, and blanching vegetables to bring out their colour. Perfect your cooking techniques and even the most simple dish will look gorgeous.

2. Learn how to plate food – When I started out, I would just pile the food I cooked on a plate and call it a day. After all, I tasted it and it was delicious, so I did not care much about presentation. However, after my first semester in culinary school, I started paying more attention to how I plate my dish. I learned how to mix complementary colours such as reds with greens and browns, which naturally made my food compositions look great.

The Art of Plating Food


Salmon on a Plate3. Choose nice plates and display counters – I always make sure to choose great plates or platters when plating my dishes so that they look good on the display counters. When catering, your food needs to look delicious after all. Your clients will be much happier if your food is served on beautiful plates. If you are not sure what to go with, choose plain white plates.

If you are a cook or a chef, you should be proud of your food and be willing to show it off to others. Accept compliments graciously and receive criticisms with an open mind. You will get better in no time.

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Nov 17, 2014

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Are You Ready For Your Dream Kitchen

Are You Ready For Your Dream Kitchen

Living in a home can be exciting, but for a lot of people they are stuck with a kitchen that does not make up their dream kitchen.

This is when people should know about the four things they need to put in their dream kitchen to guarantee they are getting the right kitchen to prepare all of their meals in.

Here is a recent before and after that a friend of mine had completed last year:

kitchen before and after


Without this, people could struggle to get the great items they want to have in their home.

The first thing that people need to have in their dream kitchen is going to be a high quality stove.

Here’s a link to a helpful PDF checklist when thinking about your next kitchen.

When people are looking at the stove, they need to have one that has plenty of burners for them to cook their food on at each meal.

However, people need to make sure they are looking at the oven capacity as well since this will let people get the right setup for their home and know that they can make food to eat.

I love this American show where they do kitchen makeovers:

A second thing that people need to have is plenty of storage in the kitchen. The storage needs to be for both the food items and the pots and pans. This is going to allow people to get the all the items stored away from the counter tops and keep the counters clear for food preparation. Without this, people could end up having a cluttered home and kitchen.

The ugliest kitchen everSomething else that people should have in a dream kitchen is enough counter space to put their coffee maker, mixers, and other items on.

By knowing the larger counter space people can put the items on the counter and still have enough to prepare the food on. Without this, people may have to juggle everything around to get the items stored and food prepared.

Finally people need to have an island in it with a separate sink.

This separate sink will allow people to have a sink that is going to work for getting water when they are cooking and the other sink is still full of dishes.

Without this, people could have problems in getting to water because of the dirty dishes that are in the counter.

As many people have found out, it is nearly impossible to have a dream kitchen in a home that has a dilapidated roof, therefore, you should first have a new roof installed before commencing the kitchen makeover

This is when people should know about the top four things to put in their dream kitchen to guarantee the kitchen is going to be perfect for them.

Be sure to check out my other post on commercial kitchen designs, if that’s your bag.

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